The World Cancer Research Fund  have warned that urgent action is needed if the country is to avert a surge in cancer cases.

Research shows that up to 40 percent of cancers could be prevented through a healthy diet and regular exercise, but Britons are failing to look after their health.

They state, “People getting fatter will lead to an increase in the number of cancer cases as surely as night follows day.”

Currently the chances of people getting cancer is higher than a 1 in 2 chance. The good news is that there is much you can do to lose weight and drastically reduce your chances of contracting cancer in later life. It will be much easier to start now and prevent it than waiting until you have it before trying to cure it.

The solution is relatively simple. Eating right for your metabolic type, eat only organic whole foods, drinking good quality bottled water, take time out each day to exercise and/or relax and ensure you are in bed by 10.30pm and get at least 8 hours sleep per night.

Avoidance of harmful substances such as processed foods, commercially grown and raised foods, tap water, commercial toiletries and cleaning products, commercial perfumes and toiletries will also greatly help to reduce excess body fat and your chances of contracting cancer. There is a great range of organic and natural alternatives available.

A positive outlook on life and setting yourself realistic yet challenging goals will also help you to be successful, healthy and happy for a long time to come.