In this final part of the post, I will outline what I feel is required in schools to minimise childhood obesity.

  1. All school days to begin with 30 minutes of Tai Chi as they do in China. This will help to calm the children down, improve their mental capacity and aid lean tissue growth.
  2. One hour of activity EVERY day in the curriculum. Children should be able to choose between competitive and non-competitive activities.
  3. Children’s food should be grown and reared on organic farms and funded by the NHS. This would save the NHS a fortune (just look at how much obesity costs the UK).
  4. Children should only be fed organic meat, wild fish, raw dairy, fresh vegetables, minimal unprocessed grains and a little fresh fruit, nothing processed. They should be fed a high protein, high fat, low carbohydrate diet. This essential for optimal growth and development.
  5. A little less emphasis should be placed on academic studies and instead more focus on an all round development of the child, e.g. music, language, arts, sport etc.
  6. Parents should be advised on metabolic typing and other lifestyle factors essential to health.
  7. School meals should be compulsory and all parents (except those on benefits) should pay a subsidised price for school meals. This means if their child decides to opt out of school meals, the parent still has to pay and this money can go towards paying for those on benefits. Any child that opts out is likely to cost the NHS more and are therefore paying in advance for their medical care.

To some, this may seem extreme and over the top. Others may think this is unfair and dictatorial. However, I don’t see any children wanting to grow up being obese. Something really does need to happen to change things around. It is essential to the financial, physical and mental wealth of this country that something is done now and something that will be effective.

I have managed to help many individuals and their families lead happier and healthier lives. My wish is that this happiness can be spread to more people.