After attending the Fat Britain debate last week, whilst I enjoyed the evening I left very frustrated because I have managed to help so many people lose weight and it was clear some of the fundamental strategies of weight loss are not understood. I was very keen to share my experience, but it would have meant I hogged the microphone for the whole 90 minutes and more.

Many times I had to sit on my hands to allow other people to speak even though I felt I had much to say.

However, this is the benefit of having a blog, I now get to say my piece.

So here goes…

Firstly, obesity has to be tackled by not tackling obesity. Obesity is merely a symptom of a body that is ‘out of balance’ or under stress which the body is unable to handle. What I mean by this is that symptoms are merely final signs for you to take notice of the fact that your body is out of balance and is an opportunity to do something about it before it is too late.

There are many other signals along the way, but many people today have lost the ability to ‘listen’ to their body.

I have helped hundreds of people to lose weight by improving their health by balancing their bodily systems and reducing the stressors on the body, not by focusing on a negative calorie balance.

What is important to understand is that what causes one person to be obese may cause cancer, heart disease, stroke, hypertension or diabetes in others. This is why it is important to treat the person that has the problem and not the problem the person has. That’s why we should tackle obesity by not treating obesity.

Tune in to Part 3 for my radical solutions to improving health and erradicating obesity…