In this 5 Part Blog, I will explain the truth about Cholesterol and show you how you are being mislead. I will also show you simple steps that you can take to avoid heart disease and cancer which is very prevalent these days. For now, just remember, when it comes to cholesterol, “Don’t believe the Hype!”

A myth exists that cholesterol causes heart attacks, hardening of the arteries and strokes. This is taught to Doctors and Nutritionists in Universities and is frequently sighted in the media.

To say that cholesterol causes heart attacks is a bit like saying that Band Aids cause cuts.

The theory called the lipid hypothesis suggests there is a direct link between the amount of saturated fat and cholesterol in the diet and the incidence of heart disease. This was originally proposed by Ancel Keys in the late 1950s. Numerous researchers since then have pointed out the flaws in his data and conclusions.

The combination of inflammation and cholesterol is what can be dangerous.

Prior to 1920 coronary heart disease was very rare, but by the 1950s heart disease was the biggest killer in the USA and today 40% of the population die from heart disease.

Interestingly, in the period from 1910 to 1970 the proportion of animal fat in the diet declined from 83% to 62%, whilst butter consumption reduced from 18 to 4 pounds per year. During the last 80 years dietary cholesterol has gone up by 1%. During the same time the percentage of dietary vegetable oils have increased by about 400% and the consumption of sugar and processed foods by about 60%.

The Framingham Heart study in 1948 showed that the more saturated fat, cholesterol and calories one ate, the lower the serum cholesterol levels and the less they weighed. This is very different from what we are told today!

And many studies could be listed!

Tune in next time to find out what cholesterol does in the body…