So what can we do prevent heart disease?

  • Consume a diet high in organic animal foods which are rich in protective fats, such as Omega 3 Fish Oils (not plant Omega 3) and B vitamins
  • Eat right for your metabolic type.
  • Include anti-microbial fats (A cold pressed organic extra virgin Coconut Oil is particularly good).
  • Use a good organic non-processed sea salt to boost iodine levels
  • Use of garlic, cinnamon, niacin, lecithin and cayenne pepper.
  • If you must have dairy, find a local farm that produces raw (unpasteurised) dairy.
  • Avoid processed foods that make the artery walls more prone to ruptures and plaque build up.
  • Avoid any hydrogenated oils such as spreads that are soft straight from the fridge.
  • Avoid dairy products that have been homogenised.
  • Avoid refined carbohydrates, such as sugar, bread and pasta and most vegetable oils (especially polyunsaturated oils) that cause the body to need constant repair.
  • Exercise regularly, 5-7 times per week. Choose activities that you will enjoy. Just 15-30minutes per day will leave less glucose available to be stores as cholesterol. If you can exercise for longer it will be more beneficial.

Now I’m off to eat 3 Wild Salmon Fillets covered in herbs, cooked in Coconut Oil with a few veggies sautéed in butter!