If you are wanting to perform in a sport or even in your job to the best of your ability and reach your true potential, then you probably need to focus on areas that you may not have considered before now.

In my practise I use a truly holistic approach, focusing on my client’s physical, mental and emotional health to ensure optimal performance.

What you may not realise is that a physical problem or injury could be caused from an emotional problem (known in BodyTalk as an Active Memory). One example is that all our cells regenerate every 7 years, yet injuries can affect the body for more than 7 years. So the knee, for instance that you injured 8 years ago no longer physically exists. All the cells in the knee have been regenerated. So why does it still hurt? Well, emotions can become trapped in the body (Active Memory) and cause physical pain to make you realise there is something wrong and focus you to deal with the emotional problem that is holding you back.

Without the help of someone like myself, you would need to listen to your own innate or ‘4 Doctors‘ to put this right. Unfortunately today, very few people are able to tap into their innate or ‘4 Doctors’.

To get a better understanding of the philosophy I use in my work, I strongly recommend you watch this You Tube video by my teacher Paul Chek filmed at the SWIS conference in Canada. Click here to view. It is in 11 short parts and I strongly recommend you view all 11.