You may have recently heard about the Cochrane Report on anti-oxidant supplementation.

The report summarised by suggesting that anti-oxidants increased mortality.

The Natural Products Association issued a statement on the report when it was originally released in 2007 — “Natural Products Association Says Medical Journal Study on Vitamins and Mortality is Flawed.”

I’m sure the study was flawed however, that doesn’t mean that I totally agree with people taking supplements without proper thought and education.

Firstly, most supplements are synthetic copies of the ‘real’ thing and act completely differently in your system. Synthetic supplements can cause an inflammatory response in your gut which can lead to many problems. All supplements I recommend are made from ‘real’ food and are of the highest quality. After all, would you put poor quality fuel in your car?

Secondly, as we are all biochemically different, one standard supplement will not be right for everybody. When suggesting dietary supplements for my clients, I have the advantage of knowing their metabolic type and can therefore suggest supplements that fit their biochemical individuality.

Finally, supplements are exactly that, ‘a supplement’ to a good diet. A supplement will just enhance the availability of the nutrients from your food. If you eat a poor diet, it doesn’t matter what supplements you take, you will not be any where near you potential, you will just have expensive bowel movements.

Until next time…