I have been writing an article over the last week about how people sabotage their efforts to be healthy. I hope to have it ready in the next 2 weeks and posted on the June edition of my monthly newsletter BodyNEWS. In the article, I explain how we are ‘programmed’ as children and many of our behaviours throughout life are hard wired in certain situations.

I explain how this prevents people from achieving not just good health, but many things in life.

Interestingly, today I received a similar article from Dr. Mercola. You can read his article by clicking here. Dr. Mercola suggests that Emotional Freedom Technique is a great way to help reverse and prevent sabotage of your efforts to become happy and healthy.

Other techniques such as clinical hypnosis and BodyTalk are also very effective. In my clinical practice, I have found BodyTalk to be very effective.