You may not be aware, but normal milk, as it is known has not always been normal.

For hundreds if not thousands of years humans have used the milk of other animals in certain areas of the world to compliment their diet.

You may also be aware that Louise Pasteur was the father of pasteurization. He initially believed in the germ theory which suggested most illnesses were caused by germs and therefore killing the germs in milk would make it more healthy.

In later life Louis Pasteur realized he was wrong and he agreed that it was not the germ, but the terrain that was important. The terrain in this instance is the internal workings (gastro-intestinal and immune systems) of the person.

We all take on germs everyday. Some of us get sick and some do not. This disproves the germ theory quite clearly. The reason some people do not get sick is because their ‘terrain’ is healthy enough to deal with the germs.

So what has this got to do with milk?

Stay tuned to find out next time…