It part one of this post, I explained a little about the germ theory and how Louis Pasteur finally believed it to be incorrect.

Even though Louis Pasteur finally realized the germ theory to be incorrect on his death bed all those years ago, the dairy industry still pasteurize your milk, yogurt and cheese today in the name of health.

Pasteurization is simply heating the milk to a high temperature to kill all the bacteria in it. In addition to killing all the bad bacteria, it also kills the good bacteria and the enzymes that are required to digest the lactose in the milk.

In reality, the reason why dairy products are pasteurized is because it gives the products a longer shelf life and the supermarkets can therefore transport it further and make bigger profits. Also, most dairy cattle are fed grains which is not a natural food for cattle which makes them sick. The cattle are then given drugs which make them toxic. These cattle are unable to produce healthy milk. This another reason why milk has to be pasteurized so as not to make anyone acutely unwell.

If cattle are raised on good quality grass (their natural diet) they do not become ill or require drugs and are able to produce good quality milk full of good bacteria and enzymes. It is interesting how supermarkets are selling pro-biotics to help your gut, yet milk has to be devoid of pro-biotics because apparently all germs are bad for you. If this is true, how can companies sell pro-biotics? After all, pro-biotics are just good bacteria.

If you absolutely must have dairy in your diet and you want to do it in a healthy way, then purchase ‘raw’ (un pasteurized) dairy from a local farm shop or farmer’s market. As I understand, UK law does not allow the transportation of ‘raw’ as it is said to be unsafe.

Quite a paradox don’t you think?