In January of this year I began a Post Graduate Diploma in Sport & Remedial Massage at The North London School of Sports Massage.

I decided to take this course to enable me to use massage techniques on my clients to increase their speed to recovery and to further improve my knowledge of the body. I also wanted to learn how I could quickly release tight muscles prior to exercise and as part of the overall rehabilitation process.

I also thought the course would be a good opportunity to review muscle insertions and origins and muscle actions which I hadn’t studied since 1996.

Six months later, having completed 11 classes, 100 treatments, 3 assignments, 1 case study, 1 practical and 1 theory exam, I am now a Sport & Remedial Massage Therapist.

The course exceeded my expectations. I am now able to deal with more acute injuries than I was previously and have a better understanding of acute and chronic injuries.

I am now also able to gain more knowledge of my client’s tissue condition by using massage techniques. So now I can combine exercise, nutrition, lifestyle coaching, energy medicine and massage therapy which enables me to give a truly holistic approach to helping people achieve optimal health and performance.