On a very frequent basis I work with clients who have received many different treatments and tried many different modalities all to no avail prior to coming to see me.

Following a period of time following one of my ‘Results’ Programmes, their energy begins to improve their symptoms reduce, they begin to forget they ever had aches and pains and they get their life back on track.

So why is my approach successful after other treatments haven’t worked?

One of the reasons of the success of my clients is due to the very thorough approach used. The main basis of my work is based on Paul Chek’s Reflex Survival Totem Pole system. The system is a step by step logical approach to find ‘the cause’ of the person’s problems. Many systems focus predominantly on relief of the symptoms which tend to only achieve short term success at the expense of long term success.

The system is a hierarchical system of the bodily systems in order of importance to human survival in the wild. The systems in order, are:

  1. Breathing
  2. Mastication (jaw mechanics)
  3. Vision
  4. Vestibular system (hearing & balance)
  5. Upper cervical spine (upper neck mechanics)
  6. Viscera (internal organs)
  7. Emotions & Stress
  8. Pelvic Girdle
  9. Slave Joints (spine (except upper cervical) and limbs)

Now if this all sounds too complicated, don’t worry. In the next post, I will explain in very simple terms how it works. So stay tuned…