Those of you who have read my posts before will know that I am a big advocate of organic farming and natural food production to help sustain our health.

Many people are still unconvinced of the importance to change to supporting local farmers and the eating of organic food.  Many people believe they can not financially afford to change to organic. The truth is we can not afford not to eat organic if we choose to maintain our species.

One of the heaviest users of fossil fuels is the commercial farming industry. Fossil fuels are used to make the fertilizers, herbicides and fungicides, to plough the fields, to gather the crops, to make the packaging and to transport it to the stores, often times thousands of miles away.

The truth is that modern farming is not sustainable and unless we change our attitudes now, we will run out of food. This would make the current financial crisis look like a walk in the park. The only way to change the current trend is by voting with our wallets supporting local organic farmers and by beginning to learn to produce some of our own food by natural means in our gardens.

I highly recommend you watch the BBC documentary entitled, “A Farm for the Future”.

Click here to watch the documentary on the BBC Player.

It is well worth investing the time to see what is possible with natural farming. It is a real eye opener when you see how modern farming is labour intensive, non-sustainable, environmentally disastrous, produces lower yields and is quite simply ‘backward’ compared to natural farming in every way!