You may already be aware that I have been studying Functional Diagnostic Nutrition™ (FDN) this year.

So what is FDN?

Well, I can tell you that FDN is not:

  •  Diagnosing diseases
  •  Treating illnesses
  •  Treating symptoms
  • An allopathic procedure

But, FDN is all about:

  •  Building health from the ground up
  • Normalising bodily systems
  • Strengthening the four pillars of health:
    1.  Hormonal system
    2.  Immune system
    3. Digestive system
    4.  Detoxification system
  •  A client centered approach
  • A thorough approach to health
  • An investigative approach to find the under lying causes of dis-ease.

In my recent training in FDN, I have learned how to use specific laboratory testing to find the under lying causes of people’s dis-ease. I am able to decipher which tests are specific to each person and why. This is important not only to find the under-lying causes, but also to minimise the costs of testing to the client.

As someone who practices FDN, I am able to help support and re-balance a person’s steroid hormone pathway (SHP). When the SHP is out of balance it can affect:

  •  Weight And Fat Distribution
  •  Mucosal Surface Integrity (1st Line Immune Defence)
  •  Insulin Levels
  •  Thyroid Function
  •  Ovarian Hormone Levels
  •  Memory and Learning
  •  Neuronal Connectivity
  •  Quality Of Sleep
  •  Mood
  •  Muscle Integrity
  •  Protein Turnover
  •  Bone Turnover
  •  Connective Tissue Turnover
  •  Cell Energetics
  •  Glucose Homeostasis
  •  Inflammatory Status
  •  Immune Regulation
  •  Heavy Metal Endo Chelation
  •  Mixed Function Oxidase Modulation


    Tune in next time when I discuss FDN and SHP in more detail…