If you are a resident in the UK, you will have received a booklet containing information on how to help you avoid swine flu (or any other flu). The advice is very practical and mainly covers the subject of hygiene. The information in the booklet in my view is sensible advice.
However, what is more important is that the ‘germ theory’ was disproven hundreds of years ago. The germ theory basically suggests that a germ is what does all the damage. However, what we have known for centuries is that we all are infected by germs (viruses, bacteria, parasites, fungi etc) constantly. The most important thing is how strong our immune system is to cope with the germs.
Germs only become a problem when our immune system is too weak to ‘seek and destroy’ the invader. So what we know is that ‘the terrain’ is everything. The terrain being your internal organs and glands which make up your immune, digestive and detoxification systems.

When there is a dysfunction in any of these systems, the ‘germ’ has an environment in which it can proliferate and cause damage. The germ itself in very small doses will not cause a problem. Therefore, if you wish to avoid any type of flu, not only should you take care of hygiene factors, but also take care of your internal terrain.

Taking care of your internal terrain includes habitually performing the Foundational Health Principles. For more information on the Foundational Health Principles click here.

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