Here are your action steps seven and eight:

Detoxification & Elimination

  1. Ensure you are hydrated by following the recommendations above under ‘Hydration’.
  2. Ensure you are passing at least 12 inches of well formed, earthy (not stinky) smelling stools per day.
  3. Obtain professional on how to use coffee enemas, herbal colon cleansers, and liver/gall bladder flushes two to three times per year.
  4. Avoid toxic substances like non-organic foods, processed food, tobacco, alcohol, mercury from fillings, non-stick cookware, tap water, non-organic toiletry and cosmetic products.
  5. Perform ‘breathing squats’ daily to help the general flow. Breathing Squats can help with constipation.


  1. Exercise every day
  2. Find out the right kind of exercise for you. If you are under a lot of stress, you will need to focus more on ‘working in’ than ‘working out’. Working in exercises include Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Walking Meditation and  Yoga
  3. If you’re able to work out without getting exhausted, weight training is the way to go. Lift heavy weights and change your programme every three to six weeks. Train hard, then rest hard!
  4. Avoid too much cardiovascular exercise unless you REALLY love it and are prepared to do a lot of it to keep the weight off. Interval type training is preferable over long steady state training for weight loss.
  5. Increase your activity as much as possible. Walk where you can instead of using the car, use stairs, not escalators, clean the car, clean the house and walk the dog. Go for a short walk each lunchtime

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