Today, we hear of the sad loss of two celebrities at a relatively young age.

Patrick Swayze, (57) the hollywood actor died of pancreatic cancer and Keith Floyd, (65) celebrity chef died of a heart attack.

Cancer and heart disease have become the big killers since the beginning of the 20th century and even more so since the end of WWII, with almost all of us in the western world statistically due to die from one of these chronic degenerative diseases. The sad thing about these diseases which are killing people in their millions is that it is cutting people’s lives very short and these diseases are completely man-made and completely preventable.

In native tribes around the world who have not been exposed to westernised foods like white flour, sugar, processed salt and pasteurised dairy, many elders live very healthily well over 100 years old. By following a few simple lifestyle tips every day, you can stay healthy and lead a vital, energetic, happy and productive life for much longer than most people live today.

Ultimately, it more important to live a healthy and happy life than a miserable long life. However, when you discover what great health actually feels like, you will know what it is to really live!

Until next time.