In the next two posts, I will explain the factors that require addressing of you wish for great, healthy, young looking skin. In this post, i will be focussing on hydration, nutrition and the digestive and immune systems.


Bad skin is often caused by an overworked detoxification system  that is backed up like a blocked toilet. So the solution to pollution is dilution.

We need to ensure we are fully hydrated at all times. This includes drinking a minimum of 0.033 litres of good quality water per kilogram of body weight per day per day. So if you weigh 50kg, you would be required to drink at least 1.65 litres of water per day.

Good quality water includes reverse osmosis filtered water, Evian and Vittel.

Drinks that should be avoided are tap water, caffeinated drinks, fizzy drinks, alcohol and fruit juices.


To be adequately nourished, you need to:

  • Eat right for your metabolic type®
  • Eliminate foods that you are intolerant too (MRT® Test)
  • Eat organic.
  • Use organic ‘real’ supplements in accordance with your metabolic type®
  • Eliminate blocking factors such as tap water, metal fillings, non-stick and aluminum cookware and toxic cosmetics and toiletries.

Digestive & Immune Health

Your skin is only as healthy as your digestive system.

Psoriasis is an over-stimulation of the immune system that has not shut off. Most of your immune system is in your small intestine which is a major digestive organ. To ensure optimal digestive and immune health it is advised to test for

  • gut health (liver overload, protein breakdown, oxidative stress)
  • immune function (intestinal barrier screen)
  • infections.(fungal, bacterial, parasitic)

If your immune system is under constant attack due to the above why would it shut down? It is crucial to find out what might be causing the stimulation of the immune system and the way I do this is by testing. After all as Paul Chek would say, “if you’re not assessing you’re guessing”. I do not like to guess when it comes to your health!


Stay tuned for Part 4, when I will outline details of the other factors involved in acheiving great healthy, young looking skin.