In this final part, I will details the final factors that require attention in order to achieve greathy healthy, young looking skin.

Detoxification & Elimination

Your skin is an organ of detoxification. If you are experiencing problems with your skin, it is likely that you have a toxic load that your detoxification system is unable to cope with. Therefore, the toxins are trying to escape via the skin. A toxic gut can lead to skin problems.

If you are constipated you will have autointoxication (self poisoning). Stools in the large intestine are squeezed as they pass through to recycle water and not allow any to escape as a survival mechanism to ensure you stay hydrated.

However, when you are constipated the same stools get continually squeezed and this releases toxic waste back into the blood stream that the detoxification system has to deal with.

What can be very useful to do to help the detoxification process are a series of cleanses. They should always be done with professional advice and support. It is recommended that you speak with your Doctor before beginning a cleansing procedure. Cleanses should be done twice per year and include:

•      Coffee enemas (can be performed more frequently)

•      Colon cleanses

•      Liver/gall bladder flushes

•      Fungal cleanses

•      Bacterial cleanses

•      Parasite cleanses

•      Skin cleanses (can be performed more frequently)

Other things that you can do to reduce your toxic load are to:

•      Replace metal fillings with a good holistic or biological dentist who is trained in toxicology

•      Replace toxic cookware with glass, ceramic and high quality metal cookware

•      Replace toxic cosmetics and toiletries with natural, safe organic ranges. I personally use the Mi Essence range which is fantastic.

•      Use a whole-house water, drinking water and shower filtration systems.

•      Eliminate alcohol

•      Eliminate/reduce medical drugs (in communication with your Medical Doctor)

•      Eliminate cigarettes and being around second-hand smoke.

Hormone Balance

We also know that skin conditions may be caused by hormonal imbalances. It is advised to have your hormone balance checked.

If anyone would like any of the tests discussed above, I can arrange them for you.

Now, at age 40, I can at last say that my skin is pretty good. Compared to how it was 15 years ago, I am ecstatic. At age 31, I went to a Chinese herbalist who ran some tests on me. He told me that I had Candida Albicans (yeast infection) and a whole host of food intolerances. He suggested that I stop using anti-biotics and go on an anti-Candida diet and eliminate my intolerant foods.

After just two weeks my skin improved dramatically. Over the subsequent years, I have learned a great deal and have indeed discovered better ways of testing and better ways of eating, healing the gut and detoxifying the body. I would say it has been a nine year project to heal my insides from the damage caused by the anti-biotics.

So if you would like better, healthier or younger-looking skin, I am in great position to help you. Feel free to contact me for more details.