Firstly, I would like to wish you a happy and healthy 2014!

I am also very excited to inform you of the many things going on behind the scenes at BodyCHEK right now.
As you may have already noticed, we have a new look for 2014. As BodyCHEK is going into it’s tenth year, I thought we needed a little sprucing up and the new logo and website banner is just the start.

I will also be adding a new introductory video to the homepage of the BodyCHEK website and a completely new website design will be completed over the next two months, giving the site a much simpler, cleaner and modern look.

Next week I will be joined by Bridget Coates, who takes over from Leanne as my new PA. I will allow Bridget to introduce herself to you next week.

At the end of this month, I will be holding a recruitment day for personal trainers as I will be looking to take on a number of trainers over the year as the business expands. I have to say, I am very excited about the opportunity to develop a team of highly skilled professionals here at BodyCHEK.

Also, our packages have been changed for 2014 to include more contact time to give more support and guidance to our clients to give them an even better all-round service. We are now also offering small group sessions in addition to our one-to-one sessions, which makes it a very affordable option whilst continuing to offer our very unique, in-depth evaluations, assessments and programme design.

We are also looking into adding group classes to help busy Londoners de-stress and unwind. So stay tuned!
I will also be getting out and about more this year to speak to groups and organisations about health and fitness. It is my goal to help as many people as possible optimise their health, so I am offering a series of talks for any group interested in improving health or performance. There is no fee involved and I am not trying to sell anything. If you know anyone or any group who would be interested, please contact us at Please note, my time is very limited, so there will be a limit on how many I can do.

Until next time…