Many of you know me as a CHEK Practitioner, Holistic Lifestyle Coach and a Strength and Conditioning Coach.

What you may be less aware of is one of the techniques that I use, The BodyTalk System.

Using the BodyTalk System alongside corrective and high performance exercise, nutrition and lifestyle coaching is very powerful to aid optimal health and performance.

Just last week, I saw a lady who came to see me with a sore lower back and tightness in her left hamstrings. I gave a 30 minute BodyTalk session, plus I stretched some muscles in her neck to straighten out her spine and pelvis.

The pain had disappeared by the end of the session and 8 days later it hasn’t returned.

On two other occasions I’ve had people come to me with severe hip pain. Following a BodyTalk session which just involves some tapping, normally just on the head and sternum with some specific hand positions and the pain disappeared. One lady was so impressed with the effect, she has since completed her training and become a BodyTalk Practitioner.

BodyTalk can help with so much more than just relieving pain. It can help improve health on any level.

If you wish to know more about BodyTalk and what it can do for you, click here for details.