In November 2005 I started working with a client who I shall call Elaine (not her real name), 39 years old who was suffering from debilitating neck and shoulder pain, headaches, stiffness and tightness in her upper back and shoulders and lower back pain. In fact Elaine’s neck pain was so bad she couldn’t turn her head. She also suffered from anxiety, an inability to calm her mind and was always ‘hyper’.

Elaine also had a bloated abdomen, painful joints, blocked sinuses and congestion in the head.

Elaine had received a diagnosis of a spinal stenosis (encroachment on the spinal canal) at the C4/5, C5/6 and C6/7 levels at the base of the neck. She tried regular physiotherapy, chiropractic, holistic physiotherapy and acupuncture without any success.

On my initial assessment of Elaine, I found the following:

A 12 kg weight shift to her right side (she only weighed 42 kgs)

An Atlas Subluxation Complex (a rotation of the first vertebra)

A forward head posture

Poor abdominal muscular function

A flat lumbar spine

Muscle imbalances throughout the body

Faulty breathing mechanics

Jaw misalignment

Metal fillings

Vision imbalances

Hearing imbalances

Nerve entrapments in the neck

Instability in the shoulders

Tendinitis in the shoulders

Muscular weakness around the shoulder girdle

Nerve tension throughout the body

Internal organ stress

Hormonal imbalances

Blood sugar imbalances

Weak immune system

Potential food intolerance

Apart from the above, Elaine was great!

Tune in next time to find out what Elaine has done since then and how she is now…