In my last post I introduced Elaine, a client of mine with neck and shoulder pain amongst many other health problems.

Following my initial assessment with Elaine I referred her to a NUCCA Chiropractor to re-align her neck (which is crucial in the workings of the whole body). I also referred Elaine for deep tissue massage to help reduce the stress on her tight muscles.

I devised a corrective exercise programme for her to work on conjunction with the NUCCA adjustments and massage that she was receiving. I also devised a nutrition and lifestyle plan for Elaine to follow. I could have suggested more, but as a CHEK Practitioner, I have to prioritise the treatment modalities in line with a client’s financial resources.

Elaine received her treatments, did her exercise routine, ate right for her metabolic type and by September of 2006, she had no pain and hasn’t had any since. She also has more energy and is dealing with stress better.

On a re-assessment in January 2007, I was amazed at how good Elaine’s movement patterns were for someone who had such problems in the past. However, she was having a little trouble stabilising her joints and I could see that her gut still wasn’t looking too healthy.

Tune in next time to find out what was causing her gut problems and what we did to overcome it…