This week, I wanted to share with you the experience of one of my clients who I shall call Mike (not his real name).

Mike had been suffering from upper and lower back pain and shoulder pain. He was taking pain killers daily to relieve the pain.

I initially completed a thorough evaluation of Mike to find out what postural and muscular imbalances he had and I carried out a thorough organ and endocrine assessment. I found Mike had imbalances in his gastrointestinal, gall bladder, liver, endocrine, sugar balance and prostate.

I gave Mike a corrective exercise programme to improve his posture and muscle balance. I also coached Mike how to use the Foundation of Health Principles which included how to hydrate effectively, how to eat right for his metabolic type and how to get enough quality sleep.

We set a date of 6 months to become pain free without having to take pain killers.

After 10 weeks on the programme which Mike followed very well he had eliminated the back and shoulder pain. Not only that, but following a second assessment I was able to progress his exercise programme to focus on strength training which he finds more enjoyable.

For many, following a precise corrective exercise programme and the Foundation of Health Principles are all that is required to achieve and maintain a pain-free and fully functional spine.