Has a Toothache Caused Your Back Pain – Part 2?


Last time I explained how the body works on a priority system known as the Reflex Survival Totem Pole.

I also stated that I would explain how a compensation at the Upper Cervical Spine (upper neck) could lead to lower back pain.

The way in which the Upper Cervical Spine compensates to re-align the jaw is to sublux or rotate at the first vertebra (C1). With a C1 subluxation the whole spine can compensate below it right down to the Sacrum and Pelvis. This is known as a functional scoliosis. In some instances this rotation of the spine can cause a disc bulge, facet joint problems and other possible pain inducing conditions.

This can also lead to a rotation in the pelvis and a shortened leg on one side leading to a knee or ankle injury.

For these reasons above it is important to consider all the systems of the body when back pain exists, not just the back. In many instances I have seen dramatic improvements once the higher reflex problems have been eradicated.

So when people ask me why I sometimes take many hours to assess a client the answer that I am assessing many systems to find out the likely cause of the problem and addressing that, not just treating the symptom.


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