Hopefully, during the first two parts of this post, you would have gained an understand of the complexity of dysfunction in the body. You will have also got an insight into how I follow a relatively simple system to help people overcome their challenges.

In this post, I will outline what I do when each system is not as it should be.

Faulty Breathing Mechanics

  • Teach the client correct breathing mechanics with exercises to do at home
  • Releasing of respiratory muscles that may be affected normal breathing function
  • Mobilising of the rib cage and prescribing exercises for the client to help mobilise the ribs
  • Teaching techniques to reduce stress (emotions and stress can float up and down the Totem Pole) such as meditation and ‘working in’ exercises.
  • Stress busting treatments such as massage and BodyTalk.

Faulty Vision

  • If a client has faulty vision I refer them for Bates Method. A technique that improves sight naturally.
  • If they don’t have a practitioner near them, or can’t afford it, I suggest they read the book, “Better Eyesight with Glasses“, by William Bates and use the eye exercises from the book.

Fault Jaw Mechanics

  • For faulty jaw mechanics, I refer out to a Holistic Dentist
  • If the client can’t afford holistic dentistry, I prescribe jaw exercises to do at home.

Faulty Upper Cervical Spine:

  • For faulty upper cervical spine, I can adjust myself
  • For more difficult cases, I refer out to a NUCCA Chiropractor

Faulty Viscera (Internal Organs):

  • For faulty organs, I address nutritional (metabolic typing) and lifestyle factors. Often times, I have the client complete lab tests before giving advice.
  • Massage
  • BodyTalk

Emotions and Stress

  • For emotions and stress I use careful goal setting and identification of core values
  • Art therapy
  • BodyTalk
  • Massage
  • Breathing exercises
  • Meditation and ‘working in’ exercises.

Pelvic Girdle

Slaves Joints

It is so rewarding to help so many people with such a great system. I am so fortunate to do what I do for a living. Thanks for reading.