The reason why many treatment modalities don’t always work is that they treat at the lower levels of the Totem Pole, i.e. the bit that hurts.

However, consider this. What if someone came to me with a knee injury and lower back pain? On my assessment, it is clear that the client can’t stabilise their knee during movement. The question need to ask is WHY? On further investigation I note that their pelvis is twisted. I still need to ask WHY? The abdominals aren’t working as they should. The question is WHY?

You get the picture. So to cut a long story short, the client could have had an eye sight imbalance and a TMJ imbalance which was subluxing the Atlas. The Atlas was rotating the spine leading to a rotated pelvis. The client could have a multitude of food sensitivities and a fungal and bacterial overgrowth inhibiting the abdominal muscles, further destabilising the pelvis.

A rotated pelvis could have led to a sacro-iliac joint dysfunction increasing the pain in the lower back and inhibiting the gluteal muscles on the same side of the pelvis (via pain inhibition). The rotated pelvis could also have created a functional leg-length discrepancy (these are often incorrectly diagnosed as true leg length discrepancy and given orthotics) which caused one leg to collapse inwards (pronate).

The pronation of the leg and the inhibition of the gluteal muscles on the same side could have led to an inability to control the pronation of the leg which led to excessive wear on the inside of the knee causing micro-trauma to the anterior cruciate ligament, medial collateral ligament and medial meniscus.

So, by seeing this example, you can see why the approach I use has been so successful when other modalities haven’t worked. You always have to keep asking WHY until you find the causes of the problem.

In summary, I complete very thorough evaluations, physically, mentally and emotionally. To be successful, I look at the person as a whole. To help the client overcome their injury, I give detailed exercise, nutrition and lifestyle programmes, manual therapy and energy psychology. I also have a team of highly skilled professionals that I refer clients to for TMJ (Holistic Dentistry), Vision (Bates Method), and Upper Cervical Spine (NUCCA Chiropractic).

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