In Part 1, I mentioned how important it is to detox whilst attempting to reduce body fat and get lean.

In this post, I have listed below 13 great ways to detoxify:

  1. Eat right for your metabolic type®. Eating right for your MT® allows the cells to release toxins at the cellular level.
  2. Only eat organic food. Non-organic food is grown or raised using high levels of agro-chemicals and medical drugs which are toxic.
  3. Find out what foods you are sensitive to and eliminate them from your diet for at least 6 weeks. When you eat a food you are sensitive to, it creates an immune response. The immune response uses powerful weapons to ‘kill’ the food and these weapons are toxic. I use the Mediator Release Test to uncover peoples’ food sensitivities.
  4. Drink optimal amounts of good quality water. Good quality mineral water or reverse osmosis filtered water are good quality. Tap water despite what you are told contains thousands of contaminants and toxins including chlorine, flouride and chlorine-resistant bacteria and parasites.
  5. Replace any metal (mercury) fillings and root canals with non-toxic materials. Ensure you do your research and only use dentists who know how to safely remove mercury. If your Dentist tells you mercury is not dangerous, I urge you to find yourself a new dentist!
  6. If you are using cosmetics or toiletries bought from high street stores, then you are coating your skin (which is semi-permeable) and breathing toxins into your lungs. Many ingredients in these products are not just toxic, but known carcinogens too. I suggest using a brand that uses mainly organic ingredients, such as Mi Essence. You can also check your products’ levels of safety on the EWG website.
  7. If you are using non-stick cookware, then you are heating up toxic plastics, which then leach into your food. Using cookware made of high-quality titanium, glass or using ceramics will eliminate toxic exposure from your cookware.
  8. At least twice a year, I recommend having a colon cleanse. This helps to clean out any compacted material in the colon which is very toxic. If your stools are stinky, you are toxic!!!
  9. It is also important to have a good daily bowel movement as your body squeezes water from your stools to aid hydration of the body. Any form of constipation, whether it’s irregular bowel movements, small movements, a feeling of incomplete evacuation are likely that your colon is squeezing toxins back into your blood stream. This is known as auto-intoxication.
  10. I also recommend you have a liver/gall bladder cleanse at least twice per year. Your liver is a major organ of detoxification and just like you have the filter of your car cleaned every six months, you also need to do this to your liver to stop it getting backed-up or sluggish.
  11. It is also recommended to ensure you don’t have any intestinal infections. Whether it’s fungus, bacteria or parasites, they also give off powerful toxins. There are medical and natural options to help overcome gut infections. The medical options are normally very toxic. Even if you use natural methods, detoxing and supporting the liver is often required to clear the toxins left behind by the bugs.
  12. Infrared saunas are a great way to detoxify. The sweat released helps the toxins to escape the body and it is believed that infrared saunas detoxify at a much deeper level than conventional saunas.
  13. Last and certainly not least, giving up recreational drugs like caffeine and nicotine is essential. I recommend that if you want to lose weight you give up alcohol for three months. Nicotine as you might expect would need to be eliminated completely.

In the final part of this blog, I will explain to you my own story with detoxing and reducing body fat levels and how my six-pack has re-appeared aged 44…