As promised, I just want to keep you updated on my progress with the parasite cleanse.

Yesterday was day 14 and I have now started on Formula B and it tastes a lot worse than Formula A.

Last week was interesting in that I began to feel a few symptoms, such as tiredness and general flu-like symptoms and one evening I had a little eczema on my arm.

Now, the symptoms may have nothing to do with the parasite cleanse, but the other hand, they may be a Herxheimer Reaction (or healing reaction). A Herxheimer Reaction is a reaction to toxins released by the death of harmful organisms within the body. The symptoms of a Herxheimer Reaction can be extremely varied. So the fact I have symptoms could be good news.

My bowel movements are still more regular than usual, which is important during the process to ensure the toxins are being cleared from the body and my skin still feels amazing too.

Stay tuned for future parasite cleanse updates…