Over the last week, I completed a liver/gall bladder flush. It’s something everyone should do these days. It is recommended that people complete a liver/gall bladder cleanse three times per year.

It’s a little like your oil filter in your car. You wouldn’t just leave that year after year without being cleaned out, would you?

Whilst our livers are amazing organs that do a lot of things, they were only designed to deal with natural substances. However, in today’s modern world, our livers are bombarded with tens of thousands of man-made toxic chemicals. So much so, many of these chemicals are swimming through our veins completely disrupting the normal processes that take place in the human body.

This over burdening on our liver reduces the ability to release toxins from the body which can lead to disease, obesity, constant fatigue, age-related vision and memory loss.

So what’s involved with a liver/gall bladder flush? Stay tuned until next time when I will reveal all…