Following on from my European trip, I said I would update you as to my travels in the USA.

In early March, I flew to San Diego to teach a workshop to the CHEK Academy Year 2 students. I taught two 1-day workshops, ‘Equal, but Not The Same’ (which is all about training females) and ‘Advanced Program Design’ (which is historically the most challenging course for the students).

I really love the Southern California area, especially Encinitas where I usually stay. It is such a relaxed and slow paced place, not to mention that it has great beaches and the weather was 32 degrees Celsius everyday I was there.

Even though I had a relatively small class, I really enjoyed teaching the students. They each had good questions they wanted answering and it’s always fulfilling to know you can help someone grasp a concept they previously struggled with. 


I did manage to get a bit of downtime too. I managed to get to the beach, play a bit of tennis, visited the Yogananda Meditation Gardens and generally got some long over-due sunshine.

I also found a nice Cross Fit Gym to train in and they had a large outdoor area where I could go and throw stuff around in the sunshine. I tend to train so much better in hot conditions, I feel so much stronger.

Here are a few pictures I took in beautiful Southern California…




Whilst I was in San Diego, I also got to spend an evening with Paul Chek. It isn’t often we get time to spend with each other, so it was nice to spend a few hours together. Paul loves to watch The Voice, and I really like watching the UK version. We spent our time watching The Voice and it was interesting to compare the different styles of the show and of the singers on the other side of the pond.

Whilst visiting Paul, Paul’s wife Penny, who is editing my latest book, “The Tennis Biomechanics Manual”, gave me the latest version to run my eyes over, which I was excited about.

Once I left Paul’s house and got back to my hotel, I had a few hours of sleep before I had to get up to go to the airport to fly to New York.

Stay tuned to hear about my adventures presenting in New York. Until next time…