Last week I was fortunate enough to be asked to present at The British Tennis Coaches Association Conference in Northampton.

12360200_1682562245320115_3115299175155706996_nAt the conference I delivered two presentations and an on-court workshop. My presentations were aimed at educating tennis coaches not just to the importance of conditioning, but the essential elements the coaches need to know. I was keen to help teach tennis coaches the dangers of poor posture and poor core stability to the tennis player, which is an increased likelihood of injury and a reduction in speed, accuracy and consistency of movement.


During the on-court session, I showed the coaches how they can begin to identify poor posture and poor core stability during a tennis-specific warm-up. I was very please to see around 80 people turn-up for my on-court session and my day one presentation was completely full.


During the conference, I was also promoting my latest book, which was published in September, “The Tennis Biomechanics Manual”.

12341142_1682562115320128_6939974164743726153_nFollowing my presentations, it was very busy on my trade stand and was really pleased to see how passionate the coaches are to help their players with their conditioning and I enjoyed answering all their questions and I sold almost my whole stock of books.


During the weekend, I was also promoting the first of my workshops that I have put together for tennis coaches to help them understand the basics of what is required with regards to conditioning tennis players and set out a simple plan that all tennis players must go through to avoid injury and improve performance.



Being very busy on my stand and delivering my presentations, I only managed to get to one other session during the conference. I managed to get to see Jamie Delgado deliver part of his session on day two. I was really interested to hear his views on how the top players (in the world) are the best because they move so well and force the lesser places to go for more riskier shots and therefore make more mistakes. Even more reasons to be familiar with the details in my book and attend my courses. 🙂


Until next time…