In this week’s episode of The Radical Health Rebel podcast, I spoke with the amazing Lizzie May who helps people improve their eye sight without glasses, contact lenses or eye surgery. In fact, she helps improve people’s vison by getting to the root cause, through their mind and not their eyes.

I have referred clients to Lizzie over the last 20 or so years, when a client has presented with eye-sight problems. In my line of work, eye sight problems can potentially lead to chronic pain in muscles and joints and even disease of organs and glands due to the eyes intimate connection to The Atlas in the Upper Cervical Spine and The Atlas’s direct connection to the spinal cord, therefore having the potential to alter the body’s posture and biomechanics as well as nerve supply to organs and glands.

We discussed:

  • Lizzie’s Journey & Vision Problems As a Child
  • William Bates and The Bates Method
  • Common Eye Conditions
  • The problems with corrective glasses, contact lenses and eye surgery
  • Modern Technology and their detrimental effects on vision.
  • Bates Method Techniques and Guided Mediation

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