In this week’s episode of The Radical Health Rebel Podcast entitled, “Recovering from Herniated Lumbar Discs”, I’m going solo to discuss one of the biggest topics in the health arena, lower back pain! Lower back pain has been one of the most common reasons clients have come to see me for help over the last 22 years.

Lower back pain is the leading cause of long-term disability worldwide and is increasing in prevelance year by year.

As well as it causing people to miss work, it costs nations billions each year financially, as well as the greatest effect lower back pain has, which is the tremendous reduction in life quality.

I discussed:

  • The Severity and Effects of Lower Back Pain on Society
  • The Onset of My Lower Back Pain
  • Visiting my GP
  • Causes of My Lumbar Disc Herniations
  • Beginning Recovery From Herniated Lumbar Discs
  • My Trip To California with Herniated Discs (against doctor’s orders)
  • End Stage Rehabilitation.

For more information on how you can overcome your lower back pain, check out:

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