Calories-GRAPHIC_657302aThis week UK Ministers launched a drive to eliminate five billion calories a day from the nation’s diet.

Jeremy Laurance, The Health Editor for The Independent wrote, “Andrew Lansley said cutting calories was essential to reverse Britain’s soaring obesity levels. More than 60 per cent of adults and a third of 11-year-olds are obese or overweight”.

However, Medical organisations wanted regulatory action to control the food and drink industry or measures such as a “fat tax” to reduce consumption of calorie-dense foods. Mr Lansley said the goal would be achieved through individual action, local authority interventions and voluntary initiatives by businesses to reduce calories and help consumers choose less fattening items.

Unfortunately, neither the government or the health service will come up with a solution soon as they don’t understand the causes of obesity.

It is very easy to tell someone to cut calories, but how easy is it for people to achieve?

The reason it is very difficult if not impossible is due to reasons they simply don’t understand.

Stay tuned to find out what the government and most experts don’t understand.