Fat KidsEating more food is a SYMPTOM of a metabolic/hormonal imbalance in the body. Firstly, if someone is eating poor quality food, i.e. processed and/or non-organic the food will be nutrient depleted and toxic. If you eat food and it is missing nutrients your body will require more food to consume adequate amounts of nutrients.

So is the government suggesting we eat organic? NO!

Eating foods that are toxic (all non-organic food and practically all sea food is toxic as are all medical drugs) which rob us of vital nutrients, which requires us to eat more so we obtain adequate nutrients.

So I repeat, is the government suggesting we eat organic???

Bigstock_Fat_woman_eating_a_hamburger_12163661Many foods that people eat cause a sharp release of insulin to help control blood sugar. These foods include bread, pasta, most fruits, sugary and fizzy drinks, desserts or anything with flour or sugar in it.

Insulin’s role in the body is to store sugar in the muscle and fat cells of the body and thereby reduce blood sugar levels which when too high are toxic.

When large amounts of insulin are released into the blood stream it opens the door to storing the energy in the fat cells. Without insulin, we cannot store body fat, just like you can’t open a safe without the combination.

So are the g Food Guide Pyramidovernment suggesting we eat less bread, pasta, pastries, pizzas, fruit, dried fruit and sugary drinks? They actually tell us that to be healthy and lose weight we should be eating mainly grains like bread, pasta and cereals. These all greatly increase insulin levels!

Now, just imagine your overweight and you reduce your calories below what you need to survive so you can lose weight. After all, that is what is recommended. You take in less than you need and create an energy deficit.

All this seeks to achieve is make you lethargic as you don’t have the energy to do anything in the long term. So you do less activity and your weight continues to rise.

So how effective will the governments’ suggestions be on reducing obesity in the UK. My prediction is that obesity will to continue to rise year on year for at least the next 10 years and I’m willing to put money on it. So I believe the suggestions will be totally ineffective.

Stay tuned to find out what I would recommend if I was Health Minister…