Whether you watch TV, listen to the radio, read newspapers or surf the web, one thing almost impossible to escape is the goings on inside the Celebrity Big Brother house.

Huge controversy has been caused by the argument between Shilpa Shetty and BB’s own Jade Goody. To make things worse, Jade has been supported and encouraged by 2 other young women in the house Danielle Lloyd, a model and Jo former singer from the pop-band ‘S Club 7’.

Jade and her gang have quite clearly singled out Shilpa for being different and felt the need to attack her.

So what has this got to do with health and wellness I hear you say? Well, everything actually. But, before I come on to that I just wish to look at why people behave the way that those three women did against another person.

In the book, “Conversations with God”, Neale Donald Walsh explains that there only two emotions, love and fear! Every other emotion is somewhere in between the two. For instance gratitude, joy, passion, happiness, hope and satisfaction would all be positive emotions underneath love. On the other hand, depression, grief, resentment, hate, revenge, annoyance and criticism would all be negative emotions above fear.

So in any one situation, you will be nearer to love or fear. Well, let me ask you this, where are the three young ladies who are annoyed, resentful, critical and full of hate? Well they are on the side of fear!

So what can they be fearful of? They are certainly not fearful for their physical safety in the house. My take on it is this. Jade, instead of embracing her differences to Shilpa saw them as some kind of threat. Perhaps Jade is used to being the dominant female in her home and wanted to show who was dominant by attacking her. Her motives could be a fear of loss of dominance, or even control over the males in the house.

Jade quite clearly hasn’t yet found out how to love herself and build a healthy ego. So to make her feel better about her self, she attacks someone else to make them feel the way she does. This is an extrinsic way of feeling better rather than an intrinsic way.

Shilpa has shown she is far less insecure and I am sure understands the concept of self love and therefore is truly able to love others around her unconditionally. You can only truly love others once you have began to love yourself. This is highlighted greatly in the film The Secret which I highly recommend.





In part 2, I will explain how fearful emotions can ruin your health!