So our natural systems for survival are still with us today and with a hectic stressful lifestyle, this is exacerbating “the does my bum look big in this?” syndrome.

So how can we de-stress and better regulate our Cortisol levels to aid fat loss.

To minimise the affects of Cortisol, we can do the following:

  • Set realistic personal and professional goals
  • Drink 0.033 litres per kilogramme of bodyweight daily of good quality water.
  • Eat a diet in accordance with your metabolic type that is organic and non-processed.
  • Take up Chi Cultivation exercise like Tai Chi, Qi Gong or Yoga.
  • Get to bed by 10-10.30pm each evening and get at least 8 hours sleep in a pitch black room.
  • Get away from the city and spend some time in nature, whether it be a forest, park or the beach.

Signs of an over-stressed body include:

  • poor digestion
  • anxiety
  • high resting rate
  • poor quality sleep
  • night sweats
  • sexual dysfunction
  • waking un-rested
  • jittery
  • increased muscle tension
  • increased inflammatory conditions
  • increased susceptibility to infections
  • Inability to get over colds quickly.

If you have any of these signs, try out ALL the suggestions above and watch your health and energy improve and your waist line and bum size reduce.