Christmas is a time of year where we enjoy ourselves and let ourselves go a little. However, it doesn’t mean we have to fall off the rails completely and pack on an extra stone during the month of December.
Here are some of my tips to minimizing weight gain whilst still having fun:
If you’re eating out over Christmas it is still relatively easy to eat right for your Metabolic Type. There are plenty of meats and vegetables to choose from. Just ensure you stick to the right proportions for you. If cooking for yourself, try to use as much organic food as possible.
Remember if drinking alcohol, it counts as carbohydrate. Therefore, if drinking alcohol with your meal, reduce the amount of carbohydrate to keep in balance. Again, try to drink organic where possible. Normal alcoholic drinks contain high levels of pesticides.
If drinking alcohol, remember to try to eat some fat and protein before hand to help line the stomach and prevent insulin spikes and blood sugar fluctuations. This is important for general health and avoiding packing on extra pounds. Also, keep drinking plenty of good quality water to prevent dehydration and the dreaded hangover the next day.
Ask yourself whether you really have to attend every party over Christmas or whether you can pick just the ones you think you’ll have the most fun at.
If too much partying leaves you sleep deprived, try to take power naps throughout the day. If you use public transport to travel to work a 15-20 minute snooze will help to pick you up. I wouldn’t suggest taking naps whilst driving or whilst at work however.
With regards to exercise, there’s little reason why you still can’t continue. If you are a little hungover, drink plenty of water throughout the day and choose exercise of a lower intensity than normal. Perhaps a gentle walk, some stretching, a gentle swim, yoga or tai chi. These should leave you feeling more energised and good about yourself that you have done some exercise.
So don’t be a turkey over Christmas, have fun and be healthy!