Hi Everyone,

Pict0085In the picture here, you can see us showing off our Mandalas that are used to great therapeutic effect. It’s amazing how drawing can have such an effect on you.

In addition to a great course and great people the area surrounding Vista is a great place too.

A few of us stayed in a town called Encinitas which is a small surfer town and is very picturesque and laid back. As well as a great beach there are also great restaurants, cafes and a beautiful meditation garden set up by the Self Realisation Centre. This was originally part of a temple built by Pramahansa Yogananda for all religions in the last cenury. Unfortunately, the temple is no longer there due to erosion of the cliffs.2006_0717level_4_20070033

There are also a number of shops in Encinitas which are jam packed with resources for practitioners like us and our clients. We could buy great relaxation CDs (I bought too many), gem stones, books, musical instruments for sound healing, posters, jewellery, sculptures and essential oils.

We spent a lot of our evening times at a Cafe called E-Street Cafe. They had live music most nights and had an art exhibition of amazing Mandalas too. They were just slightly better looking than the ones we had drawn. It was a great place to relax and unwind after a day full of information loading.

Suffice to say I had an amazing time. My thanks go to Paul Chek, his wife Penny, Meera Censor, John O’Brien the Director of Education and Lance the Chef. Of course, my thanks to the other students for making it such as enjoyable experience.