After spending 3 weeks in sunny California, I have now been back in London almost 2 weeks. I am amazed at how life can get so busy.

I have to admit my biggest weakness is not taking enough time out to quieten my mind. With many things going on at BodyCHEK with client appointments, presenting professional workshops, talking with journalists, meeting with college representatives and typing up my hand written notes from the CHEK Level 4 course, I seem to have let relaxation and quiet time slip off the radar. In addition, I am trying to play the remainder of my tennis matches in the Middlesex Winter Tournament before the end of March.

Leigh_contemplatingHowever, I had a great coaching session today (from my PR Coach) and it put me right back on track. I have now put in my diary to take time out straight after my lunch each day. I am going to play some of the wonderful relaxing CDs I bought in California and either meditate of do some tai chi. I have decided to only focus on completing my main 3 priorities each day, so my mind doesn’t get too overloaded.

In terms of improving health and performance this means 2 things. Ensure YOU make enough time to take time out and if you are stuck in a rut, find a coach that can help you get back on track.