I don’t know if you saw the documentary last night on the BBC about the supermarkets Tesco & Sainsbury’s, but it was truly horrifying.

The documentary showed how food safety procedures are being broken by counter staff who are quite clearly under-staffed and pressurised into taking short-cuts in the name of profits.

It was shown how counter areas are cleaned with dirty cloths, food past their sell-by dates are knowingly being sold and refrigerator temperatures are being made-up or estimated in advance because the staff do not have the time to check the temperatures as well as serving customers.

Fish was shown to be re-freezed after thawing and then sold to customers. One supplier of the supermarkets was shown to have disgusting toilets with urine all over the floor (probably feces too) then staff would walk in without changing their boots and go back into the food processing area. A bucket was shown to be picked up from the floor and used to transfer food from one area to another, therefore directly contaminating the food with human urine and feces.

I could go on and on, but I guess you are getting the point. All in all this shows that supermarket foods are very likely to contain bacteria and parasites that could be easily passed on to you in your food and make you feel unwell.

Wherever possible buy fresh, whole organic foods straight from the farm or a local health food shop orfarmer’s market.

It is believed that the majority of the population have parasitic infections and many of those mimic the symptoms of common diseases which are often mis-diagnosed. Since I have been using lab testing (stool and saliva samples) for parasites, viruses and fungi, I have helped people overcome what they believed to be an incurable disease.

Bon appetite!