Channel 4 recently showed a documentary following a 29 year old mother of 2 who weighed 900 pounds.

The poor lady had been overweight most of her life and had not been able to find anyone willing or able to help her. Eventually, she found a Doctor who was willing to give her a gastric bypass operation. Unfortunately, a few days after operation she died of heart failure leaving her 2 young daughters without a mother.

So how was this situation able to develop? Firstly, my guess is that she had an unpleasant incident during her childhood which affected her psychologically and emotionally. Subconsciously, she then ate a high sugar diet to stimulate the feel good hormones and to become so big that the real her did not have to face the world.

I would doubt very much whether anyone caring for her considered this. In addition, once she became so big that she was no longer able to leave her bed, someone was feeding her the same foods that got her into that situation.

What really shocked me was that the show stated that there are over 40 million Americans that weigh more than 40 stones in weight. Here in the UK, we are generally not too find behind the USA in such matters. If the same percentage of Brits are over 40 stone, this would make up half a million people.

If you are in this situation or you want to avoid this situation, tune in next time to find out how…