If you are in a situation where it is becoming difficult for you to move around because of your size or you think you might be heading in that direction, read on…

For anybody who is very overweight, my experience has shown me that there is always an underlying emotional or psychological reason for why someone has allowed themselves to become so overweight.

This is sometimes suggested to be a a deficient or excessive first Chakra (from the Eastern Chakra System). The First Chakra is known as the Foundation of the Temple and its basic issues include, the body, foundation, survival, security, roots, grounding, nourishment, trust, health, home, family and prosperity.

Someone who is very overweight may need to uncover developmental life (womb to 12 months) experiences. Investigating areas of their own birth, how they were fed as an infant, the kind of family structure they were born into. Were there any major illnesses, surgeries or financial hardships? What kind of bonding and nurturing did they receive from their mother? How did the mother relate to her own body? Did any family member have any threats to their survival?

Neglect and rejection and physical abuse can either cause an excessive or deficient first Chakra.

In addition to exercise, proper nutrition and lifestyle factors it may be essential to address the underlying reasons as to why people make the wrong choices lifestyle choices.

There are many professionals out there who can help. Techniques such asĀ BodyTalk, Emotional Freedom Technique or Neuro Linguistic Programming are just a few techniques that may help you on the way to achieving your dreams.