This Saturday just gone saw the first ever “Developing Speed for Sport” Workshop take place.

Held at Aegis Training, I delivered the workshop to a keen and enthusiastic group who had an enjoyable and informative day.

Bigstockphoto_Runner_3505216(2)  The majority of the morning covered the theory of preparing athletes to be able to handle the stresses of high intensity and high speed training. I also, illustrated why many top athletes get injured and often get re-occurring injuries and how to prevent them.I also covered the theory and methodology of agility, plyomentirc and speed development.


During the extended lunch break, the group was split into teams and they designed a warm-up routine, agility,  plyometric and speed drills for their chosen sport. In the afternoon, each team demonstrated the drills, using the theory and methodology learned in the morning. Each team came up with very effective and fun filled drills. The teams found observing the other groups was just as useful as doing their own drills. The end of the workshop looked at how you might periodise a programme for an athlete, which included examples of programmes I had used with real athletes from a number of different sports.

If you are interested in attending this workshop, the next one will take place in October of this year.