I recently received a leaflet from my local Member of Parliament warning us all not to vote Conservative as they are going to cut funding to the NHS and introduce an American style medical insurance scheme.

Indeed she quotes two Conservative MPs as saying, “I wouldn’t wish the NHS on anyone” and “The NHS has been a 60 year mistake”. But I couldn’t agree more with these statements. Now, I do not have any allegiance to any major political party. However, when you step back and review the success of the NHS, how successful has it been?

Well, one success has been the fact that it has been the biggest employer in the UK. It provides jobs for people. However, its prime purpose was to provide healthcare. How well has it done in this sense? How much more healthy are we than at the end of the second world war? The rate of infant mortality seems to have reduced as has the level of death from infectious disease. But is this due to better health care or just improved hygiene levels? The level of emergency medical care, for instance, road traffic accident victims has improved greatly.

The truth is that heart disease is now in epidemic levels, as is cancer, diabetes, obesity and on and on and on. We have become a much more sick nation. So has the NHS been a success? Absolutely not!!!

Now, I’m not suggesting that a private medical system would be any better either.

What I am suggesting is that if you wish to become healthy, you need to follow a model of health, not a model of disease. The medical industry (it is an industry more than it is a service) is obsessed with disease. If you focus on disease, guess what you are going to create? Yes, more disease.

If you wish to achieve optimal health and vitality, you cannot expect someone else to heal you. Every cell in your body already knows what perfect health is. All you need to do is give your cells the right environment in which they have the opportunity to be healthy.

By choosing to give your body what it needs physically, mentally and emotionally you can achieve optimal health. It is not imperative that you pay huge taxes or medical insurance to live a healthy, vibrant and happy life. It’s all down to the choices you make in life. What you choose to do today will make who you become tomorrow.