This week, I spoke with Ian Thirkell about microcurrent technology and how it can be used to help reduce pain and repair damaged tissues in the body as well as other health benefits which have been experienced anecdotally.

I’m not one for gadgets when it comes to health. However, after being introduced to the Arc4Health device by Dr Tina Peers in episode 59, I was intrigued and wanted to find out more, so I reached out to Ian to ask him to come on the show to discuss it.

We discussed:

  • Ian’s background from Police Inspector to personal protection officer to developer of micro-current therapy technology
  • How microcurent therapy helps to reduce pain and disease
  • Scientific evidence of microcurrent therapy for pain reduction and tissue repair
  • Anecdotal evidence of micro current technology (Arc4Health) technology
  • The ArcEquine and Arc4Health devices
  • Who can and cannot use the Arc4Health device
  • Arc Device versus a TENS device
  • ArcEquine for horses and other animals
  • Sporting applications and reduced impact of lactic acid and DOMS
  • FDA Approval application.

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