Freddy Flintoff CelebrationI do wonder whether the following were considered during Freddy’s rehabilitation and conditioning programme:



  • Whether his inner unit of his core was working effectively during the Primal Pattern® Movements for cricket.
  • Assessment of his gait, single leg squat, lunge, twist and push patterns which are required for bowling
  • Assessment of his breathing, eyesight, jaw mechanics, hearing, upper cervical spine, internal organs and mental/emotional stress. Any of these systems can sacrifice areas of the body like the knee, lower back, abdomen and feet.
  • Was he eating right for his metabolic type®, avoiding all his food sensitivities and eating a totally organic diet? Failure to do so would put stress on the sympathetic nervous system, affecting recovery and could irritate the small intestine leading to dysfunction of the abdominal (core) muscles.

These are just a few questions I ask and assessments I carry out when working with clients and athletes to ensure I find the causes of the injury.

Tune in next time to discover what processes I go through to ensure full injury recovery and avoidance of future sports injury.