Andy flintoff_loft_driveOnce an athlete is out of the inflammatory stage of an injury, the normal rehabilitation process I use includes:

  • A corrective stretching and strengthening programme to improve posture and muscle balance, including re-education of inhibited muscles (often non-weight bearing exercises)
  • Sports massage and other soft tissue work
  • Referrals to other specialists, e.g. NUCCA Chiropractor or Holistic Dentist
  • Education on nutrition and lifestyle factors to aid recovery and maximise performance, including identification of the athletes metabolic type®, food sensitivities, hormonal profile, visceral status and intestinal infections.
  • A progression to weight bearing exercises
  • Sport specific Primal Pattern® Movement re-education
  • Gradual increase in intensity and speed of movements up to competition levels prior to re-introduction to competition.

This detailed approached that I learned from Paul Chek, the founder of the C.H.E.K Institute has enabled me to help a number of athletes (elite or otherwise) to overcome their injuries and achieve personal bests, win titles and break national records whilst avoiding future injury.

I would like to dedicate this Blog Post to Andrew ‘Freddy’ Flintoff who was a true giant in the world of cricket and I will miss watching him play. I particularly remember his bowling spell in the 2009 Ashes series against Australia at Lord’s. It was one of the best spells of fast bowling I think the world has ever seen. Thanks for the entertainment and memories Fred and good luck in your new career!