So following on from Part 2 – Elaine was pain free, moving well, more relaxed, but had a bloated abdomen that didn’t feel too good.

To find out what was going on I advised Elaine to take a gastrointestinal test (stool and saliva). The test results revealed:

Candida Albicans (Fungi)


Low Immune function

The main plan of attack was to deal with the Candida. Elaine followed a strict anti-candida diet for 6 weeks including a supplement protocol. By week 5 she was feeling better than she had felt for many years. Her tummy was feeling good and flat for the first time in her adult life.

I have no doubt that her abdominal wall muscles will work much better now and I am really looking forward to seeing how she moves in the gym with a healthy gut.

So the take home lesson here is if you have a problem that no one else seems to be able to help you with, seek a CHEK Practitioner near you, follow the programme, be patient and you will succeed and feel amazing in the end!